The majority of the founders of the company were in the health sector when they realized the need for proper planning and implementation of health projects.

The majority of the founders of the company were in the health sector when they realized the need for proper planning and implementation of health projects.
The need became clearer as more projects were unveiled and the professional touch was becoming more pronounced with its effect distinguishing it from others. With this, a consortium was formed and the range of services established, and has been involved in development and equipping of the health care sector over the past 7 years.
TIMs has during this periods developed systems that work for the peculiar Nigerian environment and has become a solutions provider for healthcare service provider. The firm has become proficient in the design, development, management and maintenance of healthcare facilities and projects therein.
Also with a very active Research & Development department, the firm has been able to introduce innovations only seen in the developed world into the African healthcare industry.
The firm has also developed logistics systems for the healthcare sector that work! With a need to create value for every project they handle or are a part of, TIMS has continually seen the dreams of healthcare service providers come to reality.
With a partnership network that span through 4 continents, and covers all cadres of need of the healthcare service providers; TIMS has brought globalized services and technologies, and localized them to the needs of the African healthcare industry.
The journey still continues, as growth is inevitable. .

TIMS operates according to international standards of corporate ethics in the conduct of its business. Some of these ethical compasses are progressively being codified into policies to guide and constrain all 'employees' within the work environment.

The firm constantly strives, through active Research and Development, to be innovative and a forerunner; most of all to create value for the healthcare industry

The word 'employee' in this policy is used as an all embracing term to refer to any and all persons engaged in some form of paid services agreement with the firm, including but not limited to permanent local and expatriate staff of the company, third party contract staff, national youth service corps members, whether on long term or short term assignment with the company.

We stand out as pioneers in the health care industry, we bring current, practicable and efficient systems and technologies to the health care industry: all tailored to our specific environment.
We pride ourselves in our constant research and development(R/D)which is the backbone of the firm,excluding us from the archaic stereotypes associated with the industry.
We create value for our client, partners and end-users in all we undertake.
Our people are our pride, we work together with minds of same purpose knitted together to achieve an ultimate goal.
We remain transparent in all our dealings because we understand that transparency has become far-fetched in our society.
We strive for the height of technical expertise,what we do not know, we know who knows it, thereby achieving great results.
In the health care industry, a lot of things are done haphazardly thereby endangering lives, but with an attitude/spirit of excellence we have stood out and will continue to.
We work as a team, just like the human body, with joints fitted together, supplying and supporting each other.
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